Impact made by ME to WE

Our impressive numbers tell the story—whether it’s our 86 percent female management-level staff, 1,500 women working with us through ME to WE Artisans or $20 million in donations to WE Charity.

Measuring social impact

20 millionin cash and cost-offsetting in-kind donations to WE Charity
90% of proceeds from ME to WE have been donated to WE Charity over the past 5 years, with the balance reinvested to grow the social mission
12,000 partner retail stores that carry ME to WE or Track Your Impact products
10 million social impacts funded and delivered through product purchases
68% of Track Your Impact consumers chose them over similar products
82% of Track Your Impact consumers talk to friends and family about their purchases

Measuring impact abroad

42,000 travelers to communities around the world to volunteer on development projects and see the impacts first-hand.
140,000 students receive leadership training annually
1,500 female entrepreneurs in Kenya and South America work with ME to WE as artisans
4,796,271 Rafikis sold to change the lives of women in Kenya

Measuring our performance

88 is our average NPS—Net Promoter Score—from 3,000 travelers surveyed
Top 5% ME to WE’s score among Canadian Certified B Corporations
86% of ME to WE management-level staff are female