Creating Safe and Inclusive Communities

Addressing the issues of discrimination and safety in our communities requires a holistic approach—looking at the root causes of conflict and developing creative solutions for more inclusive environments. We offer a number of programs designed to give young people the tools to make a difference on issues of conflict and discrimination with the goal of creating a school or group culture that’s fosters positivity and inclusivity. We can tailor a program to meet the needs of your group—whether the program is for traditional or non-traditional leaders who are passionate about their school or community, or for students who have been identified as at risk.

Program Outcomes

Our Safe & Caring Schools programs are designed to:

  • Increase connections among students, staff and employees and community workers
  • Explore and deepen the understanding of issues including mental health, body image, peer pressure and acceptance
  • Empower participants with a history of aggressive behavior to make positive life choices
  • Identify and implement tangible steps for prevention, recognition and reaction to conflict and discrimination
  • Create group-focused action plans to support safety and inclusion

Sample Programs

Stand Up!

Stand Up! focuses on themes of inclusivity and prevention of bullying through a systematic change in school culture. Our program uses a collaborative approach to promote the development of positive relationships between students, educators, and the school community.

  • Promotion of a positive and inclusive school climate
  • Tangible steps for prevention, recognition, and reaction to bullying
  • Creation of safe spaces within schools
  • Increased connections amongst students and teachers, administration and Safe Schools Teams
  • Empowered peer mentors who engage other students in the school
  • Construction of a sustainable action plan to support student safety and inclusion

Power to Change

Power to Change is a leadership development retreat designed to equip students with the tools and resources to create positive and respectful relationships. This unique program offering empowers students to develop interpersonal skills conducive to making positive life choices, allowing them to realize their full potential as leaders within their own community.

  • Develop problem solving skills and practice patience in positive and healthy ways
  • Increase focus on positive communication
  • Strengthen network of support for students
  • Create personal action plans that focus on personal growth and development
  • Develop greater understanding of positive and negative influences
  • Increase self-awareness around personal triggers and strengths
  • Gain a sense of leadership and learn how to use influence positively
  • Exercise team building and cooperation

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The Impact of ME to WE Leadership Programs

As a result of participating in ME to WE Safe & Caring Schools Programs*:

felt that they could provide leadership to peers facing bullying

learned new skills to recognize different forms of bullying in their communities

are more aware of the roles that adults (parents, teachers) and online resources can play in helping stop bullying

understand the roles that bystanders play in bullying situations

*Statistics from a 2014-2015 study by Mission Measurement, LLC.