Guiding Young People on Their Leadership Journey

21st Century Leadership skills empower young people with the inspiration, tools and resources to make a difference in their school or community—making a tangible impact on issues they’re passionate about.

Program Outcomes

Our 21st Century Leadership programs are designed to:

  • Develop awareness of leadership styles and how to leverage strengths
  • Explore decisive conflict resolution tactics
  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Understand the power of social media and digital citizenship
  • Amplify impact by learning how to mobilize peers to achieve common goals

The Impact of ME to WE Leadership Programs

As a result of participating in ME to WE Leadership Programs*:

learned communication skills including active listening and public speaking

learned new skills to help them work through conflict with peers

felt they had gained new skills to help them be a more confident leader

had a greater motivation for learning

*Statistics from a 2014-2015 study by Mission Measurement, LLC.