Transformative Change

ME to WE Leadership Programs are customizable learning workshops for young people that empower participants to discover their potential, explore social issues, build transferable skills and create positive social change.

Whether you’re an educator, school board representative, employer, conference organizer, community leader or coach—we’ll partner with you to find a program that meets your needs or design one custom to you and your group. Explore our programming below.

ME to WE’s Approach to Learning

Our Theory of Change follows three key focal points in the exploration of leadership development, social justice education and civic duty. Participants involved in any of our programs, no matter the main objective, will follow this common path:


Explore, analyze and enhance their understanding of local and global social justice issues.


Identify personal strengths, develop transferable skills in leadership, critical thinking and communication, and learn how to apply them to social change.


We provide mentorship, tools and tangible steps for participants to build detailed and realistic action plans that help connect their strengths and skills to issues.

Connect with Our Leadership Team

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The Impact of ME to WE Leadership Programs

As a result of participating in ME to WE Leadership Programs*:

are now thinking about their career path and academic future

now feel more informed about social issues globally

feel they are more likely to volunteer

now consider themselves a leader

*Statistics from a 2014-2015 study by Mission Measurement, LLC.