Meet Dave Berney, Finance Business Partner at ME to WE

Career Path

At WE:
Finance Business Partner at ME to WE
GL Accountant, Pfizer
Finance Analyst, Pfizer
GL Accountant, Elavon Financial Services

Dave Berney

Question and answer

What experience do you bring to ME to WE?

I am a fully qualified chartered accountant with a Masters in accountancy. I have experience across a number of different disciplines, including auditing, treasury, financial reporting, forecasting, budget analysis and project management.

What role do you and your team play at ME to WE?

Our finance team provides the management and executive teams with real-time information and analysis of how the organization is doing. We also support our trips and retail departments by forecasting revenue and cash flow, helping them budget and promoting a continuous-improvement mindset. We ensure that all teams make the best financial decisions.

Why does your work matter for our travelers, consumers and partners?

The money our organization generates can have a huge impact on people’s lives worldwide. Our team focuses on making ME to WE as cost-efficient as possible, so that we can generate the greatest-possible good for the many people who depend on us.