Look Forward

Family and friends sitting at a dining table

A lot happened in the world this year. Some of it made the news—but other things happened behind the scenes. Every day, everywhere there were great stories and incredible people worth celebrating!

As you look ahead to the new year, consider the good news you want to be part of. What causes will you take on? Who will you inspire along your journey? How will you make an impact?

Look Forward For Your Community

If you’re looking to create change look no further than your neighborhood. Right within your community there are people, parks, organizations, and schools who could use an energetic, forward-thinking change-maker. From launching neighborhood cleanups and food drives, volunteering at libraries or seniors’ homes and helping out at shelters, there’s no shortage of opportunities to give back. Knowing where to start can be the hardest part, so gather a group (family, friends, colleagues, students) and ask yourself what your neighborhood needs right now.

Look Forward For The World

You are a citizen of the world, and you can make an impact that will ripple  across oceans. Here at home, you have the power to help people in developing countries lift themselves out of poverty. Empowering a community comes down to education, clean water,  health, food and opportunity. Choose a cause you believe in, learn all about it and then support it through fundraising, donations, choosing products that give back and by following along as progress is made. If you are passionate about creating this type of change, your family, friends and colleagues will be too. So take it upon yourself to rally your troops, spread the world and come together for a brighter world.

Look Forward to A Year Of Taking Action

Together we can make 2017 the year of good news stories. Every action, big and small will create the type of community we all know is possible. So set your sights on change—this is our year.