12 Ways to Make an Impact


Want to change the world this holiday? It’s easy to do. As you go about your regular to-dos, get-togethers and events, just add an element of giving to your day.

So whether you’re holiday shopping, outside building a snowman, or warm and toasty inside baking cookies, you can turn everyday holiday moments into ones with impact. Here are 12 ways you can re-imagine your holiday:

  1. Going shopping? Choose socially conscious gifts.
  2. Baking at home? Make an extra batch for your community center.
  3. Out grocery shopping? Pick up an extra can for a food drive.
  4. Throwing a party? Ask guests to bring winter coats to donate.
  5. On vacation? Try to leave a positive impact on the place you visit by shopping local and respecting the environment.
  6. Setting up your lights? How about shoveling a neighbor’s walk?
  7. Sending out your yearly cards? Write an extra one for a veteran.
  8. Opening up your advent calendar? Do a reverse one, where you create a basket of items to donate.
  9. Office potluck? Switch it up and do an office outing to a soup kitchen.
  10. School choir concert? Head outside and raise donations as you sing.
  11. Gift-shopping? Consider donating an extra gift to your local toy drive.
  12. Toasting the season at a restaurant? Share your gratitude by adding a little extra to your tip.