Your Gift Is The Best Present

Your gift is the best present

Gifts and the holidays go hand-in-hand, but today we’re not talking about the kind you wrap up—we’re talking about the ones you were born with. The ones that make you, you.

Everyone has a set of unique gifts. Just think about your circle of friends and family. You may know a great listener, the one you go to when you’ve had a bad day. There’s always the great storyteller or funny joker, who you can always count on for a chuckle. And there are people who are generous with their time (they’re the ones you call when you need help moving!).

So what’s your gift and how can you put it to good use this holiday? Here’s a few ideas to get you going:

It’s true that opening up a present is really nice, but being treated to a personal gift, one that didn’t cost money, feels absolutely wonderful. This season, consider sharing your special gift to help make the season extra-special.