The Giving Is Just Getting Started


Another wonderful holiday has just come and gone. Great memories were definitely made and we’re all already looking forward to next year. Keep the good tidings going right into the new year as you continue to share the joy with those who could always use a little extra glee.

Pay it Forward

Take stock of the gifts you received. Is there anything you could give to your community centre or local hospital? Challenge yourself to part with at least one gift per person in your home or within your circle of friends. It’s easy and feels great.

Share The Good Fortune

Spending time with family and friends makes us realize how lucky we are. With WE Charity, you can send those good vibes right around the world! Make an impact in one of our partner communities—and watch your impact grow with Track Your Impact.

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Extend Your Family

Blood may be thicker than water (or so they say), but love is thicker than everything. Look to your local nursing home or shelter as a way of extending your family. Make one of these community hubs a part of your clan. Pay visits, volunteer or simply spend time there. By extending your family you’ll grow closer as a family and to your community.