6 reasons to see the world, and make an impact, on a ME to WE Trip

(And why our trips are anything but ordinary)

Dancing at a school opening ceremony in India

It’s time to take the world by storm. To make your mark, pitch in and make difference. And don’t forget, have a blast along the way. ME to WE Trips are the best way to have world adventures, meet great communities, work right alongside them on life-changing international service projects, and see the sights, too. What makes ME to WE Trips so unique is that they are authentic and really fun.

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1. The impact is real.

On the build site in the Amazon, Ecuador
Every ME to WE Trip includes the chance to volunteer on an international service project. These are important jobs that need to get done—communities are counting on it! Whether it’s digging a well or building a school, you are side-by-side with locals making amazing impacts happen.

2. You gain local status.

Forget tourist—with ME to WE you are an insider. Along with volunteering, every group gets to experience what life is really like in a village: the customs, rituals and daily chit-chat. Through these experiences, great relationships always blossom. Travellers take home more than memories, they take home great friendships.
Traveller with a student at Kisaruni Group of Schools in Kenya

3. Every day is a new experience.

Travellers on safari in Kenya
One day you’re trekking to see the Big Five on safari, the next you’re with the Maasai Warriors learning how to throw a traditional rungu. With local guides, adventure is always on the itinerary.

4. Safe trips and trained guides.

Since 2002, over 15,000 youth and adults have travelled safely with our organization across the world. ME to WE Trips have numerous proactive safety measures, protocols and training in place, with all trips supported by an in-country team responsible for communications and decision-making in case of emergency.(More on safety at metowe.com/safety)
Travellers at Kumbhalgarh Fort in India

5. The journey is forever.

Travellers playing soccer with students in the Amazon, Ecuador
ME to WE travellers stick together. Long after the trip returns, travellers stay in touch and organize alumni events. Many of our travellers even go on ME to WE Trips together in the future, and fundraise together to make it happen! Friendships made are authentic and real, just like the trips and the impact they have on volunteer projects.

6. You don’t plan a thing.

ME to WE handles everything—from your entire itinerary to transportation on the ground, so you can focus on what’s truly important: being in the moment and making an impact. We’re even here with fundraising support and ideas, helping to make your dream trip happen. All you need is a sense of adventure and passion to change the world. This is your time!
 Traveller being welcomed by a community member in India

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