The Power of Clean Water

September 9, 2016

Here at home, clean water is a tap away. Still, millions of people around the world don’t live near a reliable, clean water source, or have access to sanitary washing facilities, leaving them at risk of illness and deadly disease. For two decades, WE Villages has been engineering an international development model to end poverty. […]

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Meet our awesome camp facilitators!

June 26, 2015

Aside from the s’more-eating contests, fun-packed games, endless fits of laughter and passion-filled discussions about world change, there’s even more coolness that sets Take Action Camp apart from any other. It’s a place to connect with other like-minded people who share the same drive to make a difference and leave a positive impact on the […]

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Travel Photo Diary: India's Holi Festival of Colours

May 22, 2015

Embracing a colourful life What does it feel like to have coloured powder caked in your hair, stain your clothes, clog your ears and stuck between your teeth? It’s magical. This year, we were fortunate to head on a ME to WE Trip to India during one the country’s most popular festivals: Holi. The Holi […]

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Spencer's Top Ten

March 23, 2015

ME to WE speaker and seasoned traveller Spencer West takes over the blog this week to look back on some of his most memorable moments on ME to WE Trips.   Hey friends! I am so excited to take over the blog and tell you all about my top ten ME to WE Trip memories. […]

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Beyond the beach in the Dominican Republic

March 13, 2015

  Our newest ME to WE Trip destination, the Dominican Republic, offers an experience that’s like no other trip! We caught up with a few of our travellers and a ME to WE facilitator from a trip to the Dominican to find out what makes the trip so awesome and an experience you don’t want to miss. […]

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The Making of the Tatu Bracelet

March 6, 2015

The journey of the Tatu Bracelet starts in a little place on the outskirts of Nairobi. Here in our atelier, artisans craft the bracelet that will travel across the world to you. The atelier where Fundis (leatherworkers) and mamas work on Artisans products is surrounded in lush greenery and bright flowers, and is only steps away from this […]

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Stories From Around the World

March 3, 2015

Some experiences you just can’t fully describe. It’s not until you’re on the ground, visiting communities on a ME to WE Trip that it all makes sense. Every dollar raised for Free The Children has new meaning. Every fundraiser, every moment of preparation means so much more. The first moment you shake hands with a […]

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Sweet (+ handmade!) Valentine’s gifts

February 13, 2015

There are so many ways to show your love for someone—hanging out, giving a gift, lending a hand or doing something sweet. As the ol’ adage says, ‘it’s the thought that counts’! Just like our Artisans pieces are handmade with love by mamas in Kenya, here are a few ideas where you can use your […]

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10 reasons we can’t WAIT for summer camp!

February 12, 2015

(only 84 days to go…!) We know those long summer days still seem ages away, but that gives us all the more reason to dream about summer camp! Here are 10 of our favourite things about camp. 1. Camp friends We’re always sure to meet new friends with similar interests, and it’s always great reuniting […]

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Celebrating Kisaruni's very first graduating class!

January 30, 2015

It was clear it was some sort of celebration. Chairs were set out in rows underneath large tents shielding onlookers from the hot Kenyan sun. Colourful paper garlands were strewn about and a small stage with a microphone was placed in the center of it all. A few small children started dancing and in the […]

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