Become a next-level leader in Arizona

ME to WE’s leadership programs offer travellers a truly unique experience.


Welcome to Windsong Peace and Leadership Center—a tranquil oasis nestled in the foothills of the Patagonia Mountains.

Here, leaders from all over the world come together, each ready to take their passion for world change to the next level. Days are spent exploring the incredible landscape (which senior speaker and leadership facilitator Emily Summers describes as “magical”!), diving headfirst into daily life on a ranch, and delving into pressing local issues.


Every activity and every day at Windsong is an experience in itself, each giving leaders the skills and inspiration to lead local and global change.

“Whether you’re learning about the land and food security or migration issues, there’s a connection back to the environment and the ways we interact with the world,” says Emily.


Head to Windsong’s outdoor patio on a warm summer evening, and you just might find a group of Take Action Camp campers deep in discussion, sharing stories from their day volunteering at Boys and Girls Club. Fellow campers spent the day at other local organizations, learning about local issues and finding out how they can make a difference in their own communities at home.

Tomorrow morning, everyone’s looking forward to helping out with chores around the ranch. This may sound boring but it’s definitely far from it! In Arizona, living off the land is the name of the game, whether you’re collecting eggs, helping feed the resident horses and goats or harvesting fresh veggies from the garden. All meals at Windsong include ingredients grown right on the ranch!

“In Arizona, you can live the ME to WE philosophy every day in every action you take—from the food you harvest, to the way you conserve water, to the volunteer projects in the community,” says Erin Blanding, Director of Operations in California and Arizona. “Everything has a positive impact on the planet and people.”

Farm veggies

Visit Windsong at the beginning of another week, and you may run into another group of young leaders, these ones ready to take the next step on their leadership journey. It’s time for Advanced Leadership Training—which is a brand new program this summer! This group’s time at Windsong will be spent developing their personal leadership styles to become strong leaders in any group—whether it’s a sports team, school club or in the workplace. One of the most unforgettable experiences of the week will be a desert camping adventure at Ravens-Way Wild Journeys, where the leaders will work together as a team to learn real-life survival skills.

Hiking in Arizona

Finally, another group you’ll run into at Windsong are these rockstar leaders taking part in Advanced Facilitation Training! Each will have a chance to design and facilitate a social justice workshop based on an issue they’re passionate about, then receive extensive and personal feedback from some of ME to WE’s most senior facilitators.

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