Five reasons ME to WE Trips to China this summer are going to be amazing!

1. There’s never been a ME to WE Trip like this before.

Great Wall - 2

For the first time, travellers will have a chance not just to visit Free The Children communities and meet community members there, but also spend time with Chinese youth who are travelling on their own ME to WE Trip. Connect with and volunteer alongside these youth who live across the world from you, but have the same goal of making a difference! Gain a new perspective on what “being the change” is like for these youth, and learn about what the ME to WE movement is like in China.


2. These trips are about creating connections across cultures.



You’ll get to know your peers from Beijing or Shanghai, learn about Chinese life and culture, and share your own culture with your new friends. Together, you’ll be immersed into Chinese culture as you explore the country and learn more about its rich history. Visit a Free The Children community together, where you’ll meet and work alongside local community members. Your new friends will be able to help you navigate the cultural divide, whether they’re helping translate or helping you practice your Mandarin.


3. You’ll help make an impact that’s local and global.


Volunteer alongside your Chinese travel companions in a community partnered with our charity partner, Free The Children. Teach English at a primary school, or work on a development project like building a classroom or well. Every project supports Free The Children’s holistic and sustainable development model. You’ll be making an impact on a global level, while your Chinese peers give back locally. Everyone will leave the experience having gained a greater understanding of sustainability and development, and feeling inspired to keep making a difference at home—wherever home may be!


4. It’s full of adventure!


You’ll travel through urban and rural China, discovering new places and having new experiences every day! Explore contrasting landscapes, each stunning in their own way—from the bustling metropolitan of Beijing or Shanghai, to rural mountain villages and lush green landscapes. Witness the vast contrast between urban and rural life in China and discover how this relates to issues such as access to resources, including education, health care and clean water.


5. You’ll experience something new every day.

kung fu

Bond with new friends and take part in fun leadership activities together. Volunteer in a Free The Children community as you immerse yourself in Chinese culture and practice your skills in Mandarin. Visit the city of Shaolin, where you’ll get to know kids at an orphanage, and learn the arts of Kung Fu and meditation from Shaolin Monks. And walk the Great Wall of China or set out on an unforgettable mountain hike. On this trip, every day is an adventure.


Making summer plans? There’s still time to join us in China this summer—but we only have a few spaces left! Learn more and reserve your spot here.