ME to WE empowers people to change the world through their everyday choices by offering socially conscious products and experiences that give back. It’s the philosophy that’s at the heart of what we do—giving people the tools to transform their local and global communities, whether that’s choosing travel that leaves a positive footprint on the planet or making purchases that give back.

In WEconomy, we tell the story of how our social enterprise came to be and how it’s making a difference. Read a sample chapter here.

Shop and travel with impact

We started ME to WE Artisans with a vision—to not only create a way for talented artisans to earn the income they deserve, but also to foster a collective of women empowering one another globally. To date, ME to WE Artisans partners with more than 1,500 women in Kenya and Ecuador, empowering each woman to build a brighter future for herself, her family and her community.

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ME to WE Trips

Other travel companies tell you to get off the beaten path, but at ME to WE we believe that the path isn’t beaten by tourists but by locals—it’s the routes they take every day as they go about their lives. This is where the most unforgettable, immersive experiences happen. Traveling with us is about connecting with the people who call your destination home. Go beyond a safari to walk in the footsteps of families in rural Kenya, trek the Amazon jungle to meet the indigenous communities who live there and discover India’s vibrant culture through the eyes of locals.

ME to WE offers trips for youth, schools, families and companies, giving travelers the chance to visit WE Villages partner communities. There, they can contribute to a sustainable development project, see the impacts that are being made, and experience local cultures.

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ME to WE trips
Socially conscious products: Track Your Impact

Track Your Impact is a cause-based retail program. It is a promise that provides life-changing gifts (which we call “impacts”) to transparently change a life. When you purchase an item with the Track Your Impact promise you’re helping to build a well in Kenya, or send a child to school in Ecuador, or provide leadership training to empower a student at home.

By entering the Track Your Impact code or barcode from your product package or tag at, you can see stories, photos, videos and more to learn where and how your impact was delivered.

Our socially conscious products range from greeting cards to water bottles to notebooks to ME to WE Artisans accessories handmade in Kenya and Ecuador.

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Along with ME to WE’s socially conscious products and ME to WE Artisans accessories, ME to WE partners with incredible brands to empower people to change the world.

Design collaborations: ME to WE design collaborations offer trend-focused items that are fashionable, functional and socially conscious. We work hand-in-hand with iconic brands to develop products that reflect the strengths and values we both share, all while delivering an impact that supports WE Villages.

Track Your Impact partnerships: We are proud to partner with world-class consumer packaged goods brands and organizations, as they attach our Track Your Impact promise to their products. By teaming up, we’re empowering consumers to participate in meaningful change through their everyday purchases.

Licensing partnerships: Our expanded offering of lifestyle and gifting products is made possible through our manufacturing and licensing partnerships with brands that believe in the power of WE.

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