The Power of Clean Water

Here at home, clean water is a tap away. Still, millions of people around the world don’t live near a reliable, clean water source, or have access to sanitary washing facilities, leaving them at risk of illness and deadly disease.

For two decades, WE Villages has been engineering an international development model to end poverty. It’s not a handout or a single solution, but a combination of key interventions that empower a community to help themselves. Our local staff work with rural villages and regional governments to support, teach and empower people within our five Pillars of Impact: Education, Water, Health, Food and Opportunity.

WE Villages Pillar of Impact - Water

Improving access to clean water is one of the most crucial and quickest ways to lift a community up. It reduces illness, allows girls to go to school instead of bearing the responsibility of fetching their family’s water and leads to better agriculture and access to food.

As of today, the WE Movement has helped one million people gain access to clean water, health care and sanitation. By installing hand pumps, boreholes, wells, pipes, hand-washing stations, rain catchment systems and latrines, we are seeing these communities rise up and thrive.

Now, here’s where you join in! Our work in water is gaining momentum and with your support, we’ll continue to see great improvements. We encourage you to be part of our tidal wave of change. As part of the WE Movement, you are empowered through actions as simple as spreading the WE story, wearing your passion for changing the world with ME to WE, following the changes with Track Your Impact and seeing it all firsthand on a ME to WE Immersive Volunteer Trip. There are so many ways you can make access to clean water part of your WE Movement!

Together, WE will change the world!