Lead the change with ME to WE Arizona programs!


If you’re ready to take your passion for leadership and world change to the next level, this is the trip for you! A journey to Arizona may be close to home, but it’s as unique and full of adventure as any other ME to WE Trip. Stay at our sustainable eco-ranch, Windsong, where you’ll participate in one of two advanced leadership programs, designed to bring out your inner superstar leader.

In Advanced Leadership Training, learn how to amplify your passion and skills to lead others toward a shared goal, and discover your personal leadership style to be a strong leader in any group. In Advanced Facilitation Training, you’ll have the chance to learn the art of facilitating social justice programs and workshops, and practice in a supportive environment. In both programs, you’ll learn from our top facilitators and receive extensive and personalized feedback. Build the confidence you need to lead at school, within your community and to prepare for your future career and beyond! Along the way, you’ll also have the chance to experience the incredible Arizona landscape around you as you dive into life at the ranch and explore local border and environmental issues.

Don’t just take it from us—hear from those who have been there:

Emily Summers: Senior Speaker and Leadership Facilitator

How would you describe the landscape in Arizona?

“The drive to Windsong is beautiful—a desert landscape in oranges, browns and bronze. You can see cacti at the airport right when you land! When you arrive at Windsong, you’ll see all the chickens, goats and other animals on the property. The sunsets are amazing, with bright purple skies and so many stars.”


What are some of your favourite parts about Arizona trips?

“You get to help out at the ranch every day, which is so much fun. You’ll collect eggs, or take care of animals, whatever needs doing, so you’re really contributing to the community when you’re down there. Whether you’re learning about the land and food security or migration issues, there’s a connection back to the environment and the ways we interact with the world.”

Erin Blanding: Arizona Director of Operations


What makes our Arizona programs unique?

“In Arizona, you can live the ME to WE philosophy every day in every action you take—from the food you harvest, to the way you conserve water, to the volunteer projects in the community. Everything has a positive impact on the planet and people.”

Courtney Murdoch: Advanced Leadership Training participant


Tell us about your experience!

“ALT was really an experience unlike any other. I had gone to Take Action Camp the previous summer and was in the middle of planning my trip to Tanzania, so heading out to Arizona was a really neat experience that gave me a more encompassing look at what to expect on future trips. It was great to combine leadership and team-building activities with learning about local culture and issues, as well as getting to actively volunteer and give back to the community and our planet! I loved every second of it, and definitely wished it could have lasted longer.”

What was your favourite part of Advanced Leadership Training?

“It was such an enriching experience, but my favourite part was definitely the friendships that we formed while in Arizona. It’s funny how much putting away your cellphone for a week helps you connect to other people. A few days into the trip I already felt like I had known most of the other ALT students for years. Being surrounded by people who were so passionate, driven and full of ideas was amazing. We were able to challenge each other and really get out of our comfort zones. I know that thanks to the group, I learned a lot about myself. We still keep in touch and visit each other when we’re in the same city and I wouldn’t trade those friendships for the world.”


Maya Koparkar: Advanced Facilitation Training participant


Maya’s the definition of superstar leader—after travelling to Kenya twice on ME to WE Trips, she took part in Advanced Facilitation training, which led her to a summer position as a Junior Facilitator at Take Action Camp in Bethany, Ontario.

Tell us about your Arizona experience!

“Advanced Facilitation Training was amazing! It was a group of university-aged students who had all been on ME to WE Trips. We did some pretty intensive social justice and leadership training, and at the end we got to prepare our own modules that we could actually facilitate for our group. We also got to experience the cultural aspect of Arizona as well—we learned about some of the border issues in the area, and we volunteered at Deep Dirt Farm [a local organization]. We got a whole trip experience, plus that in-depth training that you wouldn’t get on any other trip.”

What were your biggest takeaways and highlights from the experience?

One highlight is definitely the people on the trip. They’re some of the best people I’ve ever met and they made the trip what it was. And learning the art of facilitation in itself was great. I’d seen my facilitators do what they do multiple times but I never knew the strategies behind it—learning that gave me a better idea of what I eventually wanted to be doing. The social justice training added a lot because as a facilitator, it’s important to know the roots of what you’re trying to facilitate a discussion about.

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