Who will you meet on your ME to WE Trip?

Naomy Cheres

Meet Naomy from Kenya

Naomy lives in Salabwek, a small community in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, surrounded by the acacia trees and rolling hills of the vast savannah. Her parentshard-working farmersstruggled through droughts and dry seasons, making it impossible to grow enough food to feed her family and earn an income at the local market. Buying school supplies was not a priority with so many mouths to feed. Naomy’s biggest dream was to go to high school, but with every hour she spent each day fetching water for her family from the Mara River, the thought of high school drifted further from her mind. Then, everything began to change.


Naomy’s journey to high school

When Naomy’s community partnered with Free The Children, her dream was reignited. Naomy watched as Salabwek community leaders began working in tandem with Free The Children and ME to WE travellers to plan and build sustainable solutions. First to be constructed were new classrooms, followed by a community well. Access to clean water meant Naomy wouldn’t have to worry about the waterborne diseases that often kept her out of school, and gave her parents a source of water for their crops. With new-found hope and excitement, Naomy worked extra hard in school and earned a place at Kisaruni—Free The Children’s first all-girls secondary school. Today, she’s a proud Kisaruni graduate, and hopes to earn a scholarship to university and become a banker.

Congrats, Naomy!


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