Beyond the beach in the Dominican Republic


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Our newest ME to WE Trip destination, the Dominican Republic, offers an experience that’s like no other trip! We caught up with a few of our travellers and a ME to WE facilitator from a trip to the Dominican to find out what makes the trip so awesome and an experience you don’t want to miss.


The people


Meet Robert and Judy, who trip facilitator Andrew Jones describes as “the Beyoncé and Jay Z of the Dominican.” This power couple work tirelessly in the community of Asher to help improve access to education. On your trip, you’ll work alongside Robert, Judy and local community members to build a new school.

The community members

The Kids

When you’re not busy volunteering on the build site, connect with local kids and teach each other games and songs. Even though you may not speak the same language, it doesn’t matter! Sometimes even a simple smile and high-five can go a long way.

“We all understood why we were on the trip and the importance of what we were doing,” says traveller Zeynep Guzide. “But meeting the kids made the experience more tangible. You realize that these are the kids that will benefit from the school you’re building, and that’s really awesome.”


The issues you’ll dive into


On a Dominican trip this summer, you’ll be joined by special guest Robin Wiszowaty. Not only is Robin our Projects Director in Kenya and the Dominican, she’s also a super inspiring WE Day speaker and author of the book My Maasai Life. Robin will lead a workshop for your group to share her experiences of living with a Maasai family in Kenya and her extensive knowledge on international development. Then, you’ll have a chance to experience it all firsthand as you volunteer alongside local communities on a school-building project. Many of the community members you’ll meet are Haitian citizens living in the Dominican. As you get to know them, you’ll learn more about migration and border issues and the unique challenges this poses to communities. Learn more about Robin’s trips to the Dominican here.

You’ll also take part in a fun activity to find out more about the impact of tourism on the Dominican and on the world, and what we can do to lighten our footprint as travellers.

“This is a really cool trip for anyone who’s really interested in learning more about international development and all the work that goes into it,” says Andrew. “You’ll get to see development work in its initial stages.”


The sights

The Sights

Don’t forget your camera as you head out to explore the city of Sosúa and surrounding area—including a stunning cable car ride above the sea!

“You look out at the water and there are some points that you don’t know where the sky begins and the horizon ends,” says traveller Kim Hill-Tout. “It’s absolutely beautiful and there are so many trees.”


And…the inspiration

The inspiration

When you travel on a ME to WE Trip, you’ll return home having had an incredible, eye-opening experience that will stick with you for life. The Dominican is no exception.

“Seeing the amount of change that Robert and Judy have been able to bring to the community through education was astonishing,” says traveller Trent Irwin. “I knew education was a powerful thing to create social change, but I had no idea it was that powerful.”


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