10 reasons we can’t WAIT for summer camp!

(only 84 days to go…!)

We know those long summer days still seem ages away, but that gives us all the more reason to dream about summer camp! Here are 10 of our favourite things about camp.

1. Camp friends

3 - camp friends 2

We’re always sure to meet new friends with similar interests, and it’s always great reuniting with camp besties each year. We know our camp friends will always have our backs no matter what!

2. That campfire smell…


It brings us right back to those nights gathered around the campfire, telling scary stories and singing like no one was listening. And of course, nothing says summer quite like gooey marshmallow and chocolate smushed between two graham crackers.

3. MUSIC & DANCING… always.

2 - Music & dancing

Where else is it 100% acceptable to break into song at any moment? Not a day at camp goes by without some kind of campfire karaoke, jam-session or mid-afternoon guitar or ukulele sing-along.

4. Remember that place called outside?

4 - Outside

Forget about hiding in the basement playing video games—at camp we’re outside all the time! There’s always something fun to do, from the ultimate game of Capture the Flag to a spirited cheer-off at the Minga Games.

 5. Counsellors—aka the ultimate camp gurus5 - counsellor

They’ve been there and done it all, and are an endless source of fun and knowledge—whether they’re chasing us with a water balloon or we’re swapping tips on changing the world.

6. Learning doesn’t feel like learning

6 - Learning

From how to tie a friendship bracelet, rock a spoken word performance or gather supporters in our quest to make a difference, we know the things we learned at camp will stay with us for life.

 7. Unplugging (?!)

7 - unplugging

It’s hard to imagine a world without Twitter, Instagram and Facebook—but that’s what happens at camp, and we LOVE every minute of it! We’re not worried about documenting every single moment online—we enjoy just living those moments.

8. Doing something different

8 - doing something different

One of the best parts of camp is stepping out of our everyday routine. At Take Action Camp, we even get to spend a day volunteering out in the community! It’s the coolest way to start making a difference before we even go home.

9. Life-long memories


9 - Lifelong memories

Camp may only last for a week or two, but when we look back on our summer, it’s those weeks we’ll remember the most. We’ll carry reminders with us every day, whether it’s a silly photo, a tie-dye T-shirt or a knock-your-socks-off action plan.

10. Camp Magic


We’re always a bit sad at the end of camp, since soon enough we’ll be heading back to reality and back to school. But we love that feeling of inspiration we’re left with at the end! At Take Action Camp, you’ll even go home with a tangible action plan to do something super cool in your community (like organizing a food drive or putting together a performance to raise awareness of bullying—the possibilities are endless!). It’s the coolest way to keep that camp magic going year-round.

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