A Few of Our Favourite Things

Here’s a little dose of happiness to kick off the week! Because sometimes it’s the small things that make us smile.


Alpaca wool socks (aka the comfiest socks EVER)

Seriously, could anything be more comfy? This particular pair was handmade by an artisan who lives deep in the Andes Mountains. We love them for sleeping, chilling and keeping feeling in our toes during polar vortex weather. So much so that we might just fly back to Ecuador to get another pair.



Super cute baby elephants

Baby elephants. Bathtime. Enough said. We recently visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya and met these cuties. They’re all rescued elephants who have been orphaned and whose herds struggled against threats like poaching, deforestation and drought. After being rehabilitated, they’ll be reintegrated back into a wild herd.



Porcupines in love

Is there anything better than a good love story to brighten up a day? Dorit is a porcupine who’s grown up at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari Park. Because she was orphaned as a baby, Dorit can’t survive in the wild—but it seems she now has a new wild friend. Park staff couldn’t figure out why they kept finding quills and droppings outside Dorit’s cage—until they investigated and discovered that a wild male porcupine had been visiting every night. Can you say “awwwww”?!


A purrrrfect park

We already love cats—or any kind of furry friend, really!—but cute cats + doing good? Sold! We just heard about this park in Lima, Peru that’s home to dozens of stray cats. Locals leave food and water for them, and there are even volunteer groups dedicated to kitty protection—like this one that raises funds for veterinary care and even sets up an adoption booth each weekend to find foster homes for the cats. No word on whether they’d let us bring some kitties back to North America, but this has totally inspired us to visit our local animal shelter and meet the creatures there in need of homes!



Some good karma

Did you know that across Canada and the U.S., Moksha Yoga studios hold regular “karma” classes, and the price of the class is a small donation given to local charities? We love the idea of calming our minds, getting in touch with our inner zen—and spreading love and kindness at the same time.



That one local coffee shop…

Where you know you can find some good music, a place to catch up with friends, a friendly barista who knows your order—and where a delicious cup of fair trade coffee is always waiting for you.



Moments that make us realize how big the world really is

Just look at those stars. Sometimes this world blows us away.


(As seen over Kenya’s Maasai Mara and captured by Inna Yasinska)


What’s something that made you smile today? Let us know in the comments!