Malala Yousafzai’s First Trip to Africa


We were so honoured to have education activist Malala Yousafzai join us in Kenya on her first trip to Africa!Hosted by WE Charity and ME to WE Co-Founder Craig Kielburger, Malala and Shiza Shahid, co-founders of the Malala Fund, spent several days speaking to girls in rural communities about their passion for education, and took up shovels to help build WE Charity’s Oleleshwa All-Girls’ Secondary School.

Malala was inspired by the dreams and determination of the schoolgirls she met. She learned about their fervent enthusiasm to go to school and the many obstacles they encounter, including discrimination, poverty, child labour and early marriage.


“I was particularly inspired to meet young girls in Kenya who are so passionate about getting an education, building their future and the future of their country,” says Malala.

During her trip, Malala helped build Oleleshwa, WE Charity’s second all-girls secondary school in Kenya. From mixing cement to laying bricks, she helped lay the foundation of the first school the Malala Fund is building in Africa with WE Charity.

Malala’s trip to Kenya followed her participation in WE Day UK, where she inspired 12,000 youth at London’s Wembley Arena along with Prince Harry, Sir Richard Branson and Jennifer Hudson and announced a partnership between the Malala Fund and WE Charity.

After being inspired at WE Day, Malala and the Malala Fund took a silent stand for girls around the world who don’t have access to education as part of WE Charity’s We Are Silent campaign. Learn how you can take part in We Are Silent here:

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