Me to We is an innovative social enterprise that provides products that make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices. Me to We measures the bottom line by the people empowered and the lives transformed.

Living Me to We means working together to create sustainable change, and making a difference with everything you do—from choosing travel that leaves a positive footprint on the planet, to making purchases that give back

Me to We is part of a family of organizations—along with We Day and Free The Children—that empower each of us to make the world a better place.

We are all connected. Together WE change the world.

Me to We is an innovative social enterprise that:

  • Inspires and enables people to become leaders and agents of change
  • Offers unique volunteer trips that allow young people and adults to participate in health, education and economic development projects abroad
  • Empowers people to change the world with their everyday choices by offering consumer products that give back. Every Me to We product sold contributes to lasting change in a community overseas through its innovative Track Your Impact model

Me to We creates options for consumers like you who want to make informed decisions about what you experience and buy, knowing your actions will help empower people and transform lives, making the world a better place.

Free The Children is our charity partner and our best friend in changing the world.

Using a highly effective model, Me to We is structured to offset expenses and help provide pro bono services to Free The Children’s efforts at home and abroad.

With a holistic approach to sustainable international development, Free The Children empowers communities with the means to lift themselves from poverty.

To date, Free The Children has built more than 1000 schools and schoolrooms around the world, empowering more than 200,000 children with an education. Hundreds of communities have benefited from its water and sanitation projects, medical resources and alternative income programs.

We work with Free The Children for one simple reason: together, WE change the world.

20 Ways We Do Things Differently