Expand Your Existing Leadership Skills to Include the Specific Art of Facilitation

$2,695 per person

The Advanced Facilitation Training program will give you the chance to expand your existing leadership skills to include the specific art of facilitation. The AFT program is designed for participants who are already leaders within their communities and have been involved in ME to WE Trips, Take Action Camp or other ME to WE programming. This exclusive ME to WE Experience takes place at ME to WE’s Minga Lodge, located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

You will develop and practice facilitation skills, while also exploring social and environmental issues in the Amazon. You will discover how to facilitate group workshops, conversations and experiences by observing and learning from some of ME to WE’s best and most diverse facilitators. You will have the opportunity to facilitate a workshop of your own and receive feedback from the experts!

Develop your passion and learn how you can make a tangible impact in the world through facilitation! This program is designed for participants age 18 and up with extensive leadership experience. As such, the program is by invitation only and requires a completed application.


  • Receive Social Justice Training: Try your hand at designed a social justice campaign. Explore concepts such as identity, privilege, and intersectionality and how they relate to you and your activist work.
  • Facilitation Training: You will be taught the following: the art of debriefing, creating optimal learning environments, mentorship, dealing with behavioral issues and group dynamics as well as action planning.
  • Learn about Social Justice through the lens of the Amazon Rainforest: take a deeper dive into issues surrounding environmental sustainability, indigenous and women’s rights.
  • Earn a certificate in “ME to WE Facilitation”.
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Name: 2019 Amazon - Advanced Facilitation Training
Depart: Jul 21, 2019
Return: Jul 29, 2019
Cost: $2,695.00
Deposit: $750.00
Age Range: 18 - 25

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Women’s rights

Learn about the challenges faced by women in indigenous, rural communities, such as limited economic independence and a lack of voice within their own households and communities, and explore how programs like artisan’s groups empower women to earn an income.

Indigenous rights

Find out how income distribution and racial inequality have had an impact on rural indigenous communities.


Explore the issues remote communities in the Amazon experience in accessing education, including unsafe classrooms, extreme weather conditions and lack of transportation to schools.


Explore the causes and consequences of deforestation and the work being done to address this in Rainforest communities.

Clean water

Learn about the challenges faced by remote jungle communities in accessing clean water.

Minga Lodge

Minga Lodge

A tranquil lodge nestled in the Amazonian jungle becomes your home-away-from-home. Featuring private cabins, enjoy modern amenities including hot water, electricity and en suite bathrooms. Find expert local guides and friendly staff as they take care of all the details while you relax.

Before you start each day, savor a fresh cup of Ecuadorian coffee and bite into an array of tropical fruits, like fresh papaya, while you overlook the Napo River on an al fresco dining platform. The wonderful chefs at Minga prepare delicious feasts every day, including Ecuadorian favorites such as rice and beans, Western-style dishes and options to suit any dietary need.

With a comfortable home base, venture down stone pathways and be enveloped by lush green trees and colorful flora or relax in a hammock on your private verandah. Feel welcomed and cozy at every moment of your trip.