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Deep in the Amazon jungle, the vast Napo River winds past shorelines enveloped by throngs of lush, emerald green forest and bursts of tropical colour. By motorized canoe, traverse the Los Rios, a waterway that feeds into the world’s second longest river and learn about the creatures and insects that call this rainforest home. On shore, hike through dense flora and fauna with your expert guide, taking in spectacular panoramic views of your surroundings as well as parrots and rare bird species. Experience the joy and warmth of Kichwa culture as you’re welcomed into a local community, and connect with fellow mothers, fathers and families. Join a minga—a Kichwa word meaning “the coming together of people for the greater good”— and work alongside community members on a sustainable development project.

Trip Overview

Take in stunning vistas of the Napo River as you arrive at your accommodations in the Amazon rainforest at Minga Lodge. Relax in a hammock outside your cottage, furnished with all the comforts of home, as you listen to the exotic sounds of the surrounding jungle.

Join your facilitator for a short jungle walk or canoe ride to communities nearby. Meet families in our charity partner’s community, and hear the story of how Craig and Marc Kielburger witnessed a spontaneous and powerful community movement—a minga—that inspired the formation of ME to WE.

Join community members to volunteer on a sustainable development project such as laying bricks for a new classroom.

Journey down the river in a motorized canoe to a farm nestled among the trees, where you’ll meet a cacao farmer who supplies beans to a French chocolatier. Cacao production is a main source of income for the region’s farmers—experience what goes into planting, harvesting and processing cocoa beans.

Be invited to the home of a local shaman and medicine man to participate in a traditional cleansing ceremony and blessing. Meet an indigenous weapons expert and train in the art of throwing a spear and shooting a blowgun, both techniques that have traditionally been used for hunting in indigenous cultures.

Explore the historic centre of Ecuador’s capital city of Quito—wander down winding cobblestone streets, admire Spanish architecture and take in spectacular views of the surrounding hills.


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Trip Itinerary


  • Arrival into Quito
  • Meet your ME to WE Facilitator
  • Transfer to your hotel in Quito for a restful overnight


  • Descend by road into the Amazon basin
  • Take a motorized canoe down the Napo river to Minga Lodge
  • Enjoy a community orientation and welcome dinner at Minga Lodge


  • Morning rainforest walk
  • Meet local community members
  • Start work on an infrastructure project like a classroom, teacher’s accommodation or a health clinic


  • Join a farmer to help carry out daily activities
  • Continue the build in the afternoon
  • Enjoy an optional wild Amazonian night walk


  • Volunteer on the build site in the morning
  • Experience a Shamanic Ceremony
  • Get hands on weapons training in the afternoon


  • Explore the Amazon rainforest with your local Naturalist Guide
  • Then learn how to make chocolate at a cocoa farm


  • Join our jungle guides for a traditional cooking lesson
  • Finish your work on the development project
  • Saying goodbye to the local community


  • Morning departure by river boat to Coca
  • Fly to Quito and explore the old city
  • Stay at a hotel in Quito and enjoy a farewell dinner at a local restaurant


  • Depart to the Quito Airport for your journey home.

Minga Lodge


Your accommodations at Minga Lodge are furnished with all the comforts of home, including flushing toilets, electricity and running water.
A tropical hideaway designed with its environment in mind, Minga Lodge is located on the edge of the Napo River and has cabin-style accommodations perfect for families and groups of all sizes. Delicious meals are prepared daily by our chefs to suit your dietary needs and preferences.


Minga Lodge


Begin your volunteer adventure in Quito, Ecuador’s capital high in the Andean foothills that was constructed on the foundations of an ancient Incan city. Then, take a jungle river cruise up the Rio Napo to Minga Lodge, surrounded by lush tropical flora and fauna. Here you’ll meet the Kichwa people and volunteer in local communities.

Contribute to the Story of Transformation

Every ME to WE Trip takes place in a community where our renowned partner, WE Charity, puts its 21-year history of holistic, sustainable development work. As a traveller, you’ll have the opportunity to create real change on the ground and help improve the lives of the community members you meet.

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