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At ME to WE, we’re a family of passionate social entrepreneurs committed to transforming consumers into socially conscious world-changers, one transaction at a time. By offering socially-responsible products and inspiring leadership experiences that financially support the work of WE Charity, we work to build a world where best business practices meet social awareness. And the bottom line is measured by lives changed.

Change the World

Whether you’re a recent grad or already have an awesome resume, if you’re looking to make a difference, we’re looking for you.

ME to WE offers a two-year program to recent grads seeking challenges and looking to make an impact side-by-side with other motivated change makers.

Our program is similar to the training and opportunities provided by the banking world or law firms, except you are changing the world.

Entry-level employees start at an annual salary of $30,000, plus health and dental benefits. You can also access perks valued at over $5,000, including 75-plus hours of professional development training sessions and skills-improvement workshops, in-house career coaching services and a staff trip to Kenya or Ecuador, where your on-the-ground costs are covered.

At the end of your program, you may apply for a career-track position with us or decide to further your education or apply the skills you built with us to industry or government. Along the way, you can tap into our one-on-one career coaching and robust referral programs.

If you’re looking to share your valuable skills as a leader and mentor and want to contribute to an innovative social enterprise, ME to WE wants you.

We are looking for experienced team players seeking meaningful work and new challenges as leaders, strategic thinkers, communications practitioners and relationship builders, among many other roles. Make your mark with us.

Career-track employees are paid salaries in line with the nonprofit sector. You have access to perks valued at over $5,000, including leadership training and skills-improvement workshops, a professional development fund to take yearly courses and workshops offered by universities, colleges and professional associations, in-house career coaching services and a staff trip to Kenya or Ecuador, where your on-the-ground costs are covered.

Our One-of-A-Kind Culture

When you join the ME to WE family, you become part of a one-of-a-kind social change movement and a celebrated corporate culture.

We believe that together we can change the world—and that belief shapes everything we do.

ME to WE transforms people into world-changers, one action and experience at a time. We offer socially-responsible clothing, jewelry and books, as well as life-changing experiences including volunteer trips overseas, speakers, workshops and camps.

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Outstanding Team Perks

  • Full employer-paid health and dental benefits.
  • Generous vacation: 10-12 days within your first two years and 15 days vacation afterward.
  • Flexible work hours: if you need to start late or leave early we trust you to get the job done.
  • Birthdays off!
  • Office shutdown during the holiday period between Christmas and New Year’s (and this time does not count towards your vacation days.)
  • Staff trip to Kenya and Ecuador: all costs on the ground are covered by the organization.
  • The opportunity to attend WE Days, along with invites to staff socials, day trips, parties and musical performances.
  • Opportunities to interact and learn from celebrity ambassadors.
  • Special perks and experiences when working WE Days across Canada, the US or UK.
  • The opportunity to facilitate a trip to Kenya, Ecuador, Nicaragua or China with a group of young people, a corporate team or a school.
  • In-house career coaching services by expert facilitators and mentors.
  • Our innovative two-week onboarding program.
  • Coffee, healthy snacks and meals delivered right to your desk during busy periods.
  • Onsite yoga, MOVE program, mindfulness classes, ping-pong, foosball and video game tournaments, bike racks, patios and barbeques.
  • Staff-led groups including Green Team, a garden club, running groups and community volunteer experiences including We Read, a literacy program for local youth.
  • A strong alumni network.
  • Additional perks brought to you through our generous partners and sponsors, like free movie passes and concert tickets.
  • Mid-career staff can embrace the rewards of mentoring young go-getters in a climate where change is possible.


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Develop Valuable Skills

When surveyed by an independent research firm, our team members agreed that working in our organization substantially improved their:

  • Communication Skills (90%)
  • Ability to work effectively with a team (86%)
  • Ability to multitask (85%)
  • Problem-solving skills (85%)
  • Relationship building and networking skills (84%)

And this development often goes beyond the job itself. In the past six months, their manager has:

  • Inquired about their personal interests (74%)
  • Shared best practices with them (70%)
  • Helped them maintain a work/life balance (66%)

Source: Employee Survey conducted May 2015 by Mission Measurement, a leading research firm that measures and evaluates social impact.

We’re Not A Typical Workplace

We’re Not A Typical Workplace

We’re a social enterprise that helps people make daily choices that leave the world a better place than they found it. No job is typical and no two days are alike. One day you might lead a group of young people in a global issues seminar, and the next find yourself on a plane to Ecuador or East Africa. We are seeking team players with that powerful combination of education, experience, engagement and energy. We empower you to empower others.

  • We operate like a high-tech start-up—fast-paced, unstructured and creative.
  • Our workmates become our friends inside the office and after hours.
  • We seek work/life integration not just work/life balance, which means we might leave early for yoga or pub trivia, but we’ll be back online later.
  • We’re social entrepreneurs who believe in learning on the job, rising to the challenge and seizing the moment for maximum impact.

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