For Parents and Educators

School is over. The summer is here. It’s time for camp. Children wait all year for this great moment where they shed the year’s stresses to be with friends and have seemingly endless days of sunny fun. Take Action Camp takes all the wonders of summer camp and adds a socially conscious focus. Here, children enjoy bonfires, explore the woods, sing songs, bond, joke around, and forge lasting friendships while learning about their place in the world and how together, they can make it better.



Take Action Camp is for everyone. We create an inclusive environment that brings out the uniqueness in every camper. That’s what makes it so special. Here, our programming is divided into three groups: Local (ages 9-12), Global (ages 13-15) and Change (ages 15-18). Naturally, great friendships are made within the groups, but with a mentoring program, all campers learn to be leaders. These skills will last a lifetime.


Camp is the best time to try out all kinds of sports, arts, theatre and especially activism. Here, campers can even try their hand at media, social innovation for change and Leadership Training. With a well-rounded activity list, campers are busy throughout the week; building up their strengths and experiences.


Children are passionate change-makers at heart; they just need the right inspiration and guidance to tap into these feelings. At Take Action Camp, we hold thought-provoking workshops and discussions to help everyone discover their social purpose. Here, campers connect and talk through social issues, hone in on the ones that really matter and figure out as a group what can be done. For many, these sessions help determine future career paths.

Leadership Style

We all have our own leadership style. With practice and guidance, we can all come into our own. At camp, every activity and session is a chance to grow as a leader. Guided by camp facilitators, all campers are encouraged to step-up and discover their unique public speaking and leadership styles.

A Plan of Action

Creating change starts with a well thought-out plan. First, campers choose the social cause that matters to them. Next, they devise a strategy on how they’ll make their impact. Guided by leadership training and critical thinking skills, our youth evolve into true change-makers.


Hands-on volunteering is the heart of Take Action Camp. Every week, campers join the community and share their time with a local food bank or community garden. It’s here they get great exposure to real social causes, gain life experience and feel the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes from working together. This volunteering time adds up to eight hours for high school diploma requirements.

Discover How to Live WE

WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to lead and create change. Our charity–WE Charity–empowers domestic and international change. Our social enterprise, known as ME to WE, creates socially conscious products and experiences. Our Take Action Camp inspires and guides youth to be great change-makers and future leaders. For an entire week, campers are immersed in the wonders of camp-life, as they build up their confidence, leadership skills and develop their passions.

Join Take Action Camp and you’ll not only impact a community, you’ll change your own life

88% of participants report feeling more responsible to be a positive role model for their peers and siblings

78% of participants believe they are agents of social change

75% of participants report they are more confident communicators

82% of participants believe they are strong leaders

81% of participants identified their career goals

81% of participants are more likely to seek opportunities to learn about different cultures