Take Action Camp Arizona

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Experience Eco-Living and Reveal the Leader Within


Taking place at the Windsong Peace and Leadership Center in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Take Action Camp Arizona brings together young people from all over the world for an unforgettable experience. You’ll delve into local and global issues alongside like-minded campers. You’ll also learn firsthand about local issues like sustainability and cross-border migration. Along the way, you’ll build skills in leadership and public speaking, and gain the tools and inspiration you’ll need to make a difference when you return home.


General Programming

Alongside like-minded campers, you’ll explore local issues in Arizona like poverty, sustainability and cross-border migration. Explore the surrounding landscape, build your leadership skills and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Advanced Leadership Training

Designed for participants 16+ with leadership experience, this program will give you the tools to become a strong leader in any group—from sports teams, to school clubs and the workplace.
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Advanced Facilitation Training

Designed for participants 18+ with extensive leadership experience, this program is focused on extending your skills to include the art of group facilitation, learning from ME to WE’s top facilitators.
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A Day at Camp

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Status: Active
Name: 2017 Arizona Take Action Camp - Week 3 (July 2-8)
Depart: Jul 02, 2017
Return: Jul 08, 2017
Cost: $800.00
Deposit: $250.00
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Lindy Keefe

Camp Director

Tina Ingemi


Khiry Johnson


Hannah Jones


Emma Moore


Marijke Large

Camp Director

Hometown: Victoria B.C.

Fun Fact: Has spent the past 18 summers attending or working at camps.

What does ‘Camp Magic’ mean? Young people, coming together to make a real and meaningful difference in their community is part of what makes Take Action camp a life-changing, and truly magical experience.

Kelly Chessman

Staff Head

Hometown: Oak Ridges, Ontario

Fun Fact: Was once a lead singer/screamer in a metal ‘band.’

Why Take Action Camp: I am constantly humbled by all of the passion young people bring and leave with, while being constantly reminded of how the best way you can make a difference in the world, is by just being yourself.

Michael Estalilla

Camp Director

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Education: B.A. with Honours – Business and Society; Graduate Certificate with Honours – Sport Business Management

Has travelled to: Arizona-Mexico, Ecuador-Amazon, Nicaragua

Fun Fact: Got to race a NFL football player in a 100 metre sprint.

Why Take Action Camp: It is a place where you are able to learn about local and global issues in the most safe environment that is fun and challenging.

Nathan Riley

Program Head

Hometown: Huntsville, Ontario

Education: Bachelors of Social Sciences – Economics and Political Studies

Has travelled to: Arizona-Mexico, Ecuador-Amazon, Nicaragua

Fun Fact: Started off as a participant in ME to WE programming WAY BACK in Grade 10.

Why Take Action Camp: Creating a space where young, ambitious, and bright youth are celebrated and inspired to create change is such a privilege, and I get to learn from them each and every day.

Talitha Tolles

Staff Head

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Fun Fact: Has a life-sized photo of herself in a museum of her hometown Brampton, Ontario.

Why Take Action Camp: As a kid who grew up going to camp, I know the impact it has on young peoples’ lives. I can only hope we can help our campers realize the incredible impact they can make on our world.

Favourite part of Take Action Camp: TJ our cleaning gnome!

Martin Paul

Programming Head

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Fun Fact: Didn’t speak till I was 4 … but now I can’t stop!

Why Take Action Camp: As a kid who grew up going to camp, I know the impact it has on young peoples’ lives. I can only hope we can help our campers realize the incredible impact they can make on our world.

Favourite part of Take Action Camp: Camp is a special place where you make friends you never lose, memories you can never explain and opportunities you could never imagine. My favourite part of the day is waking up because I know I have another full day in the presence of amazing and unique change-makers that take on every minute and second with purpose, positivity and passion!!!


Lindy Keefe

Camp Director

Hometown: Norristown, PA

Fun Fact: Worked at an all-girls summer camp in North Carolina for two summers.

What does ‘Camp Magic’ mean? The feeling that the time you are sharing with those around you is beautiful and special, and you have helped make it feel that way for yourself and others.


Tina Ingemi


Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Moment of Honesty: 1. I avoided going to camp as a kid because of the camp songs. 2. My first job was a YMCA Camp Counselor. (Awkward? Awesome?) 3. Fetty Wap is my hero.

Why Take Action Camp: I have found a love for the magic created by young people and staff at Take Action Camp. There is something profound about people coming together and creating what feels like home in a matter of days. I don’t believe there is another place in the world that embraces weirdness and fosters individuality like Take Action Camp does.


Khiry Johnson


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Fun Fact: Speaking on The WE Day stage to over 15,000 people was the most people I have spoken to at once.

What does ‘Camp Magic’ mean? The ability to ignite the flame of change in the heart of a young person during a summer that last a lifetime is the definition of magical.


Hannah Jones


Hometown: Canandaigua, New York

Education: B.S. in Hospitality Management and M.A. in Social Justice and Global Development.

Why Take Action Camp: The first place traveled to outside the United States was Helsinki, Finland.

What does ‘Camp Magic’ mean? Camp provides a space for those who want to learn about social issues and enact change while also celebrating youth voice.


Emma Moore


Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Fun Fact: I used to work at a cheese shop and I love cheese of all kinds

Special Skills: I know a lot of cheese jokes, I’ll tell you one if you come to camp!

Why Take Action Camp: The only thing on earth I love more than cheese is camp. Camp is the best!