Welcoming new traditions


This time of year is steeped in tradition, and every family has their own set of rituals they honor.

We look forward to grandma’s plum pudding, we anticipate Uncle Jerry’s rambling speech and we plan out the festivities knowing they’ll be great—just like last year and the one before.

There’s definitely comfort in familiar rituals. And while we look forward to the festivities, every holiday can use a yearly update and some fresh thinking—especially when it comes to giving back as a group.

This year, revisit your rituals. Maybe some need refreshing and maybe it’s time to add on some more impactful experiences.

12 Ideas That Will Change The World This Season

1. Give socially conscious gifts
2. Make a group donation to a charity
3. Fundraise for a cause you all care about
4. Visit a seniors’ home
5. Invite a new friend to dinner
6. Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen
7. Opt out of gifts and give to a local family in need
8. Plan a volunteer trip
9. Pay it forward at the coffee shop or on the bus
10. Treat the staff at your favorite restaurant or shop
11. Shovel your neighbor’s walk
12. Add a donation component to your annual party

What makes rituals so wonderful is that they’re your own. So gather your family and friends together and come up with an original plan on how you can have an impactful holiday.

Looking for a meaningful way to shake up your holiday traditions? Gifting a donation to someone in need is one you can feel good about year after year.

Start a new tradition.