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It’s more than a stamp in your passport. It’s about people, connections and self-discovery—working together to change the world.

Travelling with purpose means being part of something bigger than yourself. Volunteer in a Free The Children community, explore a new culture, and trek through an exotic land—from the African savannah to the Amazon rainforest.

You have so much to offer. The world is calling. What are you going to do?

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Nicaragua $3995 CDN



Nicaragua Mountains Learn More

Nicaragua Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer abroad and work on a school campus for children with limited access to education.
  • Build and enhance leadership skills through global development workshops.
  • Learn Spanish and volunteer alongside local community members.
  • Gain first-hand experience of environmental conservation and rural development issues through guided hikes along volcanoes, walks through coffee and sugar plantations and workshops at our coastal retreat.
Ecuador & the Amazon $3995 CDN



Ecuador Main Learn More

Ecuador Trip Highlights


  • Volunteer abroad and help build a school for children who have limited access to education.
  • Build lifelong skills through leadership and global development workshops.
  • Experience remarkable biodiversity and gain first-hand experience with environmental and development issues.


  • Volunteer abroad and help build a school for children who have limited access to education.
  • Wilderness adventures: Experience the Amazon rainforest, one of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems.
  • Learn firsthand about pressing issues including indigenous rights and protecting the environment.
  • Play with local children and engage with community members.
Dominican $3995 CDN

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

dominican8 Learn More

Dominican Republic Trip Highlights

  • Visit communities that are home to Haitians living in the Dominican Republic, and spend time volunteering to help build the region’s first Free The Children schools.
  • Step into the shoes of a local family as you explore a local market. Learn firsthand about what life is like for people living in this region.
  • Visit an amber factory: Immerse yourself in the history of the Dominican Republic on a tour of the Amber Museum and Factory in Santo Domingo.
  • Tour Fortaleza San Felipe: Visit a historic Spanish fortress that is one of the oldest European military buildings in the Americas.
Ghana $5395 CDN



Ghana Main Learn More

Ghana Trip Highlights

  • Help build a school for children without access to education.
  • Learn the local Fante language and get a historical and modern look at the slave trade.
  • Embark on a forest canopy walk, learn about indigenous species and spend the night in a tree house.
  • Visit the historic Cape Coast Castle, a fort built for trade and later used during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
Kenya $5495 CDN

East Africa

East Africa

Bogani_Cottage Learn More

East Africa Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer abroad and help build a school for children who may never have set foot inside a classroom.
  • Explore local villages, learn about traditional Maasai culture and take Swahili lessons.
  • Engage with local students and learn about the unique way of life in East Africa.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops and learn about poverty-related issues in Africa, as you experience them yourself.
India $5195 CDN



India_7 Learn More

India Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer in rural India - help build a school in rural India, providing education to local children.
  • Explore ancient ruins and visit historical sites, surrounding breathtaking Udaipur.
  • Participate in interactive workshops to explore global issues.
  • Play with local children and engage with community members.
China $5395 CDN



China Main Learn More

China Highlights

  • Volunteer in China in a rural community
  • Give English lessons at Free The Children schools in rural communities
  • Explore some of the world’s most breathtaking cultural and historic sites
  • Learn about the vast disparities within China’s economy
East Africa


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Building Leaders

Tangible leadership development equips participants with the tools they need to act on their newfound knowledge upon their return home. Participants take the lessons and skills they learned overseas and apply them when they return home.

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Cultural Immersion

Through interactions with community members, participants on our trips get to know people who lead very different lives than themselves. Our trips broaden horizons and encourage understanding.

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Community Interaction

Participants will discover the country they are visiting from a truly unique perspective. Understand the issues community members face through experiential learning with the community during the day and engaging conversation at night.

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Meaningful Volunteerism

Our approach to genuine volunteerism means that participants learn about sustainable change through working hand-in-hand with the community on project-building.

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