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Youth Trips with impact
travel with purpose


It’s more than a stamp in your passport. It’s about people, connections and self-discovery—working together to change the world.

Travelling with purpose means being part of something bigger than yourself. It means making a positive impact while broadening your horizons and seeing the world.

Volunteer abroad this summer and explore a new culture while working alongside community members on Free The Children development projects. Change yourself and create lasting change in the communities you visit.

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Trips With Impact

Why do you want to travel?

I want to
make a difference


You’re an epic world-changer with the desire to make a lasting imprint wherever you go.

Lay the bricks to help build a brand-new school

Get your hands dirty digging a water project like a borehole or well

Learn about sustainable development from our in-country teams

I want to
explore the world


You’re a fearless explorer with the thirst for raw, authentic adventure.

Take Bollywood dance lessons in India

Eat slugs with a jungle guide in Ecuador

Embark on a sunset safari in East Africa

I want to
connect with a community


You’re a social butterfly with a curious mind, eager to absorb fascinating stories.

Visit a local home and help a woman with her daily work in Ecuador

Go on a water-walk with women and girls in India

Take part in local sporting events in the Dominican Republic

Where do you want to go?


Work alongside rural communities in the heart of the vast savannah

icon1 Work with Maasai Communities
icon2 Go on Safari
icon3 Bead with Artisans

kenya / tanzania


Dive into a colourful culture and explore social issues in a dynamic landscape

icon1 Water Walk with Local Women
icon2 Traditional Prayer Ceremony
icon3 Bollywood Dancing



Connect with the indigenous people of the Andes mountains

icon1 Market Visit
icon2 Work with a Women’s Group
icon3 Amazon Retreat



Immerse yourself in an indigenous culture on a rainforest adventure

icon1 Work with Indigenous Communities
icon2 Go on a Jungle Hike
icon3 Day in the Life of a Local Activity



From coffee fields to classrooms: Explore life in the land of lakes and volcanoes

icon1 Masaya Volcano Tour
icon2 Pottery Workshop
icon3 School Building



Connect with students, make a difference and explore an ancient civilization

icon1 Great Wall Visit
icon2 Teach English
icon3 Kung-Fu with Shaolin Monks


Unique Travel Experiences

Journey to Tanzania with Spencer

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Travel to Kenya with Craig Kielburger

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Alumni Trips for experienced travellers

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On your Me to We Trip you will:

change the world

Visit a Free The Children community and work side-by-side with locals on development projects that help remove the barriers to education.

change the world

Do more

make meaningful connections

Spend time with local community members and put real faces, names and stories to the impact of your volunteer work.

make meaningful connections

Do more

explore a new culture

Experience the sights and sounds of a new culture, and have one-of-a-kind adventures led by expert local guides on a journey off the beaten path.

explore a new culture

Do more

get inspired to lead change

Take part in leadership workshops based on issues in the place you visit.

get inspired to lead change

Do more

Youth Trip Stories

You can hear the bugs, the frogs, the animals, and after a few nights you kind of fall in love with this place.


So much physical labour went into it. But it was the start of a school for 180 students. And with having that in mind and seeing the kids around us, it was definitely eye-opening to see how much of a difference you can make.


Ecuador gave me a purpose. Life is made up of millions of souls touching one another, giving or taking something every time their paths cross. I was touched by so many souls on this trip—it is now my turn to do the same.


The most profound moment of the trip was when we got to make roti with the mamas and go for a water walk. It was moments like these, moments when I could interact with the community members, that really made me take a step back and realize what we were doing and how differently some people live.


When I heard stories from someone who had worked with Free The Children communities overseas, I wanted to see this work first-hand, and see how Free The Children was helping these communities lift themselves from the cycle of poverty.That’s why I went on my first Me to We Trip to Rural China.


At the build site, I realized, ‘This is what I came for.’ Brick by brick, we were putting up walls for somewhere that kids will go to school.