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A humanitarian, social activist and best-selling author, Craig, co-founder of Free The Children and co-founder of Me to We, has inspired a generation of young people to be active global change-makers. Craig has received national and international recognition, recently becoming one of the youngest recipients of the Order of Canada.

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(Inspiring for all ages)

We all have the power to change the world. And Craig and Marc—whose personal stories have inspired millions—can show you how. This powerful speech, perfect for people of all ages, details the remarkable story of how Craig and Marc founded Free The Children, which has grown into an international humanitarian organization active in eight developing countries.

When Craig was just 12, his outrage over the death of a former child slave of the same age led him on a trip through South Asia to see first-hand the shocking conditions that young laborers endure.

Craig’s older brother, Marc, turned his back on a career in politics or law. He chose instead to spend a year in Bangkok, teaching English and caring for AIDS patients in the city’s slums, before using his Oxford University law degree to empower young people around the world.

Over the past 18 years, the small charity Craig and Marc began in their home has grown into an organization that engages millions of young people worldwide. When the brothers met Oprah Winfrey, she was so moved by their mission she committed to building 100 schools overseas, beginning Free The Children’s partnership with Oprah’s Angel Network. During their journey with Free The Children, Craig and Marc have also had the privilege to learn from the mentorship of many people, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

Craig and Marc will help you unlock our own passions and unique gifts to make a difference, and will guide you toward answering profound and urgent questions:

  • How do you find purpose in today’s world?
  • How can you leave a legacy while balancing the challenges of modern life?
  • How do you take the first steps to making lasting change?

You will also discover the Me to We philosophy, developed by Marc and Craig through more than a decade of humanitarian work and described in their New York Times bestseller Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World.

Audiences, too, will learn how to use the Me to We philosophy to create their own unique path that will leave a positive mark on the world.

(A must for parents & educators)

Through Craig and Marc Kielburger’s work with Free The Children — an international charity and educational partner— they have empowered 1.7 million extraordinary young people.

There are thousands of young people who want to make a difference—they’re just looking for a place to start. And that’s where parents and educators come in. There is no greater privilege and or more important responsibility in life than raising the next generation. It’s the job of parents and educators to shine the light and guide the way for youth.

In this inspiring speech, Craig and Marc take stories from their own upbringing and from the wisdom of their parents, who both worked as teachers. Their parents let them take risks, fail, choose a different path and find their own unique voices. This speech also draws on teachings from leading experts on compassion, empathy, mentoring, service learning citizenship and achievement.

Based on the national bestseller The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Children who Care and Contribute, this address delves into everything you need to know about raising and mentoring kids to be active, engaged citizens.

  • Learn how to help your children realize their own special gifts and passions.
  • Explore the Three C’s for raising socially conscious kids: Compassion, Courage and Community.
  • Learn how small, everyday actions can have a lasting influence on a child’s life—resulting in new friendships, improved grades and higher self-esteem.
  • Learn how to introduce effective service-learning programs into schools.

The world needs your kids. Craig and Marc will help you be their guide, mentor and inspiration.

(Thought-provoking and informative for business leaders and their teams) 

Craig Kielburger, the youngest-ever graduate from the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program, and Marc Kielburger, who holds an Oxford university law degree, are leading a revolution in business.

They’re co-founders of Me to We, an innovative social enterprise that measures the bottom line by the number of lives changed and the positive social and environmental impacts it makes. The brothers are pioneering social entrepreneurs, and their work with Me to We has shown that you can make good—and make money.

Me to We partners with the world’s leading companies such as KPMG and Virgin Atlantic to build robust corporate citizenship programs that engage employees and clients. Me to We provides environmentally friendly and socially conscious products and experiences to hundreds of thousands of consumers every year, including international volunteer travel programs, a sweatshop-free clothing line, internationally-acclaimed jewelry and accessories that economically empower women in developing countries provide a publishing house and inspirational speakers.

A new generation of business leaders increasingly wants to make an impact beyond the bottom line. In this speech Craig and Marc will show:

  • How they built one of the largest social media followings in the world with over 3 million Facebook followers—and how your company can leverage social media.
  • How to attract and retain some of the best talent in the marketplace, especially the millennial generation of employees who are looking for meaning and a paycheck.
  • How to differentiate your product to highlight and celebrate its social values and to reach the rapidly-growing socially-conscious market.

They will also share six simple teachings learned from running the non-profit Free The Children that will help any for-profits organization improve their workplace and their bottom line: Trust, Empathy, Community, Gratitude, Celebration and Legacy.

In an age when social responsibility is more prevalent than ever, philanthropic opportunities seem to be around every corner. So how do we maximize change—not only through our wallets, but through the work we do and the lives we lead? How do we capitalize on the new age of social entrepreneurship to create change that’s not only powerful, but sustainable?

Discover the benefits of intergenerational philanthropy partnerships and the innovative model and power of social entrepreneurship.


“Craig Kielburger’s presentation was terrific—not only was it a fascinating and well-delivered story, but it was ‘on-theme’ by talking about how some of his innovative ideas (i.e. social entrepreneurship, We Day) were brought to life.”

“To date, Craig has shared his moving and educational messages to our clients, field sales groups and employees on 14 separate occasions. Each time, Craig greatly exceeds our expectations and seldom have our events created the level of positive feedback and excitement that we have seen with these events. Perhaps, more importantly, at every event Craig has made himself available to spend time with each audience member who desired to speak to him after each presentation.”

“Craig Kielburger was extremely well received by our audience. He is a great speaker and even more a great person. Remarkable—I would highly recommend for future presentations.”

“Our guests were moved and inspired by Craig the other night at our annual Black Tie Dinner. Many commented that he was the best speaker we’ve had yet—and this was our 57th year! The difference, beyond his incredible energy and his ability to connect, was that he took the time to listen to our needs for the evening and tailor his comments specifically to this audience of insurance executives and brokers. It was an evening that many of us will remember for years to come.”

Full Biography

Craig Kielburger

Craig Kielburger is a social entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and syndicated columnist.

He co-founded Free The Children in 1995 when he was 12-years-old. Today, more than 1.7 million young people are involved in its programs. In North America and the United Kingdom, the organization provides comprehensive service-learning programs, including its We Day celebrations attended annually by more than 180,000 students from 4,400 participating schools. We Day also reaches more than 5.4 million viewers through televised broadcasts and has more than 3.8 million followers on Facebook, making it one of the largest charitable causes in the world. Internationally, the organization works in eight developing countries providing a holistic and sustainable development model, including education, health care, food security, clean water, and alternative income programs. Its programs have empowered more than one million beneficiaries.

Alongside his brother Marc, Craig is also the co-founder of Me to We, an innovative social enterprise that seeks to support the work of Free The Children by providing socially conscious products and experiences.

Craig is the author of 12 books. He holds 15 honorary doctorates and degrees, and has received the Order of Canada, the Roosevelt Freedom From Fear Medal, the World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child and the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for Dedication.

Craig’s work has been featured with multiple appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and 60 Minutes, as well in as National Geographic, TIME, and The Economist.

In Fall 2013, Craig and his brother Marc were inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame for their humanitarian efforts and their work to empower youth to change the world.

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