Our Impacts

Demi Lovato in Kenya with Free the ChildrenThe Movement Continues

Living Me to We starts with you. It starts with the choices we make. It starts with our purchases, our actions, the way we travel and the way we live. And it starts with being inspired to make a difference. Because we all want to live better and make the world a better place.

Through offering life-changing international volunteer trips, sustainably made clothing and accessories, leadership training programs and materials, an inspirational speakers’ bureau, and books that address issues of positive change, Me to We inspires people to transform their lives and the world around them.

In 2013, our financial, environmental and social impacts ignited a movement of change, inspiring more and more people to find their spark and join a growing community of global citizens committed to building a better world.

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Our Financial Impacts

Supporting Free The Children—our charity partner and best friend—has always been at the heart of Me to We’s mission. From in-kind contributions to donating half our net profit to Free The Children, we are committed to building a better world through redefining business and the bottom line. To date, Me to We has donated more than $6.5 million to Free The Children.
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Our Environmental Impacts

We’re into being green, and we take it seriously. By printing our books and greeting cards on recycled paper, using organic cotton in the production of our clothing, planting a tree for each T-shirt sold and partnering with companies who care, Me to We is committed to leaving a light footprint on the earth—and helping you do the same.  To date, Me to We has helped plant more than 666,900 trees.

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Our Social Impacts

Me to We is about inspiration. Innovation. Ideas. And transforming the world. Offering ethically manufactured products, leadership and volunteer experiences, and engaging hundreds of thousands online, we continue to set an example of high social standards in business.

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