When you join the Me to We family, you become part of a one-of-a-kind social change movement and a celebrated corporate culture.

At the heart of our corporate culture is the belief that we can improve our world by shifting our focus from “Me” thinking to “We” thinking. Our team of changemakers wakes up everyday wondering what more we can do to improve our local and global communities.

Me to We transforms people into world-changers, one action and experience at a time. We offer ethical and environmentally friendly products such as clothing, jewellery and books, as well as life-changing experiences, like speakers, workshops, camps and overseas volunteer trips. There are many roles you can play helping build Me to We, whether behind the scenes using your business savvy, working with clients, editing books and designing t-shirts (not necessarily at the same time!) or on the frontlines running workshops, facilitating trips or engaging with new travelers. We look for one singular quality above all else: a passion for social change, and the desire to make a difference through your career. Because Me to We donates half of its profit to our charitable partner, Free The Children, (and reinvests the other half to grow the enterprise) we strive to keep our administrative costs down.

We Are Family

We are leaders in the field of global change. We believe in family. We work hard. We play hard. And we make the world a better place every day.

We provide recent graduates with incredible challenges and opportunities for growth. And we welcome mid-career professionals looking to share their valuable skills as leaders and mentors. Most of the talented individuals who make up our senior team at Me to We have been with us since we were a group of wide-eyed and idealistic teens and 20-somethings. Kind of like an extended family.

We strive to make sure that our incredible team has opportunities for growth and advancement, including professional development, mentorship from corporate and charitable leaders, and the ability to tackle unprecedented and world-changing challenges. Also, free snacks and ping-pong. But what makes the Me to We team so unique is that we have grown up together and travelled the globe together. We have attended each other’s graduations, birthday parties, weddings, and recently, birthday parties for our sons and daughters.

Money is not our motivation. Instead, we’re collecting stock options and investing in a better world. We are building a lasting legacy for our children and ourselves.

Our One-of-A-Kind Culture

No job is typical and no two workdays are alike. You might lead a group of young people in a global issues seminar, or find yourself on a plane to Ecuador or East Africa at a moment’s notice. We are seeking team players with a special blend of education, experience, engagement and energy. We empower you to empower others.

Are you a fit for our team? Here is what you need to know.

Our day-to-days

  • We are like a high-tech start-up, but for non-profits—a fast-paced, unstructured and creative environment percolating at our campus in Toronto.
  • You can’t change the world between 9 and 5. We are a global organization working across time zones. We are passionate about our mission and want to leave our world better than we found it
  • Our workmates become friends. Who else will bring you a Fair Trade coffee to an all-day meeting?
  • We seek work/life integration instead of work/life balance, which means we might leave early for yoga or pub trivia, but we’ll be back online later. It means our work is our passion, so it’s easier to integrate
  • We are social entrepreneurs who believe in learning on the job, rising to the incredible opportunities and seizing the moment for maximum impact
  • We give more hugs than handshakes

Salary and Perks

At Me to We salaries are based on a graduating structure that are commensurate with roles varying from the Coordinator and Manager level through to Associate Director and Director positions. Entry-level employees earn on average = $28,000 to $30,000 inclusive of benefits (aligned with most entry level positions of this nature) and increases from there, depending on your role, position and experience level. We pay fairly, give great perks, and give people a lot of responsibility, often on day one. If you are applying from an accredited university for course credit, we will review your application. We do not offer unpaid internships.

From Thai takeout for late nights, to professional development and mentorship from industry leaders, this is a fun place to work

The support that a Me to We employee receives is second to none and includes:

  • Full employer-paid health and dental benefits
  • Time off with family outside the Me to We family is important, that’s why we offer more time off than other organizations, 10-12 days within your first two years and 15 days vacation afterward
  • We are flexible. If you need to start late or leave early to run to an appointment. We trust you to get the job done
  • Birthdays off!
  • Office shutdown during the holiday period between Christmas and New Years (and this time does not count towards your vacation days). Why? We always seek ways to say ‘thank you’ to our teams for all their hard work throughout the year. And we want to start the New Year ready to change the world!
  • Mentorship opportunities, skills-improvement workshops and exceptional leadership opportunities
  • In-house career coaching services by expert facilitators and mentors
  • Our innovative two-week onboarding program—that introduces you to our unique culture and new teammates. You never have to feel nervous starting a new role! You’ll know where the bathroom is
  • Staff trip to Kenya and Ecuador, all costs on the ground are covered by the organization. We want you to see the impact you are having!
  • The opportunity to take a break from your formal role and facilitate a trip to Kenya, Ecuador, Nicaragua, China or Ghana with a group of young people, a corporate team or a school
  • The opportunity to see our work in action by attending We Days, along with invites to staff socials, day trips, parties and musical performances
  • Coffee, healthy snacks and meals delivered right to your desk during our busy periods
  • Onsite yoga, MOVE program, mindfulness classes, ping-pong, foosball and video game tournaments, bike racks, patios and barbeques
  • Staff-led groups including Green Team, a garden club, running groups and community volunteer experiences including We Read, a literacy program for local youth (indulge your love of Robert Munsch and YA fiction)
  • Be a part of an incredible network of future leaders and strong alumni network
  • Additional perks brought to you through our generous partners and sponsors, like free movie passes and concert tickets
  • A chance to be a mentor! Mid-career staff embrace the rewards of mentoring young go-getters in a climate where change is possible (and bringing your own kids to our charity partner’s youth empowerment event, We Day, makes you cool in your kids’ eyes)
  • Working with and learning from some of the largest brands in the world, including Staples, PacSun, Nordstrom and Indigo
  • Ability to work with cutting edge platforms, including We Day, which with 3.7 million Facebook fans has the largest following of any charity in the world. One in six Canadians, 5.7 million viewers in 2012-2013 alone, watches its live broadcast.
  • Like-minded colleagues who are passionate and engaged and become best friends for life.

Our Management

We provide our young staff with leadership opportunities and great responsibilities because we know they rise to the occasion. We also seek out mid-career professionals to lead.

Members of our management team have been celebrated for their leadership, included as Canada’s Top 100 Powerful Women, Canadian Immigrant of the Year, Rhodes Scholars, Top 40 Under 20, Top 20 Under 20 and Action Canada Fellows.

Many on our management hold advanced degrees such as MBA’s, JD’s and master degrees. We also attract mid-career and skilled professionals to mentor and lead our teams from industry leaders, such as CTV, BlackBerry, Procter and Gamble, and McKinsey, to name a few.

Our in-house training team ensures that our young management team is always developing professionally. Our staff career coach ensures that all those entrusted with leading a team go through extensive training including people management and emotional intelligence trainings.

If you are a shameless idealist who likes to get the job done and have a huge impact, you have come to the right place. Others think so.

In 2014, we received more than 8,000 qualified applicants. We look for the best of the best. Please tell us what you care about, what you have an offer and why you want to belong to our family and be part of our world-changing culture.

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Job Title Location Department
Director, Business Development: Me to We Social Enterprise Toronto, Ontario
Director, Customer Service and Travel Operations Toronto, Ontario School and Youth Coordination
Coordinator, Product Toronto, Ontario Consumer Engagement
Associate Director, Executive Projects Toronto, Ontario Executive Office
Account Manager of Retail Partnerships Toronto, Ontario Consumer Engagement
Director, Corporate and Family, Me to We Trips Toronto, Ontario Corporate and Family Engagement
Associate Director of Direct Sales, Events and Corporate Partnerships Toronto, Ontario Consumer Engagement
Coordinator, Youth Engagement Toronto, ON Youth Engagement
Leadership Teacher Beijing, China

At Me to We, we value the diversity of people and communities and we are committed to excellence and inclusion in our organizations. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage applications from all qualified individuals.

We are committed to an environment that is barrier-free. If you require accommodation during the hiring process, please inform us in advance to arrange reasonable and appropriate accommodation.

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